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Protect yourself against illnesses with our Temperature Screening CCTV system installation

The ongoing COVID19 pandemic has led to individuals and businesses putting strict measures in place to protect themselves from the disease. It’s no secret that early detection of the disease is effective in reducing the spread, but the disease varies for everyone. Not everyone will have apparent symptoms, so how can we protect ourselves?

There are a couple of tools you can use to protect yourself. The first is our temperature screening CCTV system. Our Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures. These cameras can detect people who have an elevated temperature, so you don’t have to take everyone’s temperature manually.


Thermal Screening CCTV Installation CameraThermal Screening CCTV Installation Camera


Thermal technology is the forefront of the pandemic and will play a bigger role in the protection of the community against further pandemic outbreaks. Some advantages of using thermal technology are:



Being non-contact is the biggest advantage of thermal technology. You will be able to see on a screen what their temperature is and based off that you can recommend they see a health care professional.


Immediate results

Temperature screenings take place in real-time meaning that as soon as a person is detected to have a high temperature, you can act. If you place the cameras on the outside of your home or workplace, then you will be able to stop any potentially ill people from entering the building.


High accuracy

There is no need to worry about false results. Our temperature screening CCTV cameras are incredibly accurate, safe and efficient. In less than 1 second, our cameras will be able to detect a person’s temperature and report back to you with an error margin of 0.3 degrees.


Better visuals

In addition to thermal images, the built-in visible light mode can record images that a regular camera can. The images are of high quality, meaning that you can use your thermal camera as a security camera too.

Built to withstand extreme outdoor environments and equipped with advanced technology, our Security Series Thermal Cameras can be turned into superior perimeter protection systems. They come in a variety of appearances and models so you can find the perfect thermal camera for you or your business.

If attaching a camera to your building isn’t the solution you are after, the handheld Thermography Series is for you. Already used for indoor fire prevention, and electrical and mechanical inspections, the handheld monocular and binocular devices can be set up as a mobile temperature checking station.

Companies, such as Amazon, are already taking full advantage of thermal camera capabilities. While the thermal cameras themselves cannot detect coronavirus, they can detect elevated body temperature, which is one of the symptoms of COVID-19. If the temperature of the skin in key areas, such as the eyes or horsehead, is elevated, then the individual might be selected for additional screening before being allowed back to work.

Some small business is using the thermal camera technology not only to protect themselves but to protect their customers. All customers must be scanned before entering the premises. If they show an elevated body temperature, they are given a flyer to explain why they aren’t being allowed in, and the staff are doing their shopping for them. By doing this, everyone is protected, and the business is not missing out on income.

As the pandemic progresses, it is becoming clear that thermal camera technology will become the new norm. If you have been on the fence about installing thermal cameras, let this be your sign to get ahead of the movement. Don’t hesitate, contact us below for a free quote.

Thermal Screening CCTV Installation Camera