Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems


SFAS CCTV can supply and maintain a wide range of fire alarms – including wireless, gas suppression systems, heat and carbon monoxide detection, single-point smoke, beam detection, wireless, air sampling (aspirated) and beam detection. The UK has property grades that define the type of fire alarm category you’d require, we’ll work with you to build a Fire Risk Assessment that works out the right system for you.


Domestic and Commercial Fire Alarm Systems


SFAS CCTV can arrange servicing of all your fire alarm systems every six months, in accordance with BS5839.

Our engineers are equipped with all the correct tools on the day to ensure all systems are running smoothly and are in compliance with the RRO.

Types of Fire Alarms We Install


  • P1 – Property Protection (Cat 1)
  • P2 – Property Protection (Cat 2)
  • L1 – Life Safety System (Cat 1)
  • L2 – Life Safety System (Cat 2)
  • L3 – Life Safety System (Cat 3)
  • L4 – Life Safety System (Cat 4)
  • L – Life Safety System (Cat 5)
  • M – Manual System