EV Chargers & Installation

Domestic and Commercial EV Installation

With the help of SFAS CCTV, you can charge an electric car or plug-in hybrid through a mains three-pin socket, specially installed by us. We attach a wall-box, or at a public charging station on the road or at your destination:

What’s right for me?

Our electric charging stations come in either slow 3kW, 7kW or 22kW forms. On average, the 3kW wall-box station will give you a full charge in six to eight hours, whilst the 7kW unit reduces the charing time to around three or four hours.


The average cost of installing a home EV charging point is roughly around £1000. However, did you know as an EV owner, you can get a £500 government grant towards the cost of the charging point, as well as a further £300 from the Energy Saving Trust (EST), reducing the cost. More information here.

Contact SFAS CCTV now on 01244 747832 for free professional advice on planning and installing EV systems. We are based in the North East Wales region and install and maintain CCTV across the United Kingdom.