Door Access & Installations

Door Access & Installations

SFAS CCTV specialise in door entry access installations. We also provide maintenance, repairs and even system upgrades for business and personal clients. As we provide and install many door entry systems and intercoms for a wide assortment of clients, our first port of call would be a free site survey to work out what access would be right for you.

Commercial and Domestic Door Access/Intercom Installation

These installations can have many different features set up such as video calling, just voice call, password dial, to just a simple key-fob tap on the door panel.

Basic Door Entry

Ever heard ‘I’ll buzz you in’? We can install these basic simple intercom door entry systems. Our systems enable outside guests to press a call button, speak to somebody inside, and afterward be permitted access into the property.

Video Door Entry

Having the option to see who is at your premises has become a popular choice, due to the overnight success of companies such as Ring. If you’re looking for little bit of extra security, we can install the intercom system with video enabled. You’ll be able to record the visitor and also have the option to let them in or not.

Wireless Door Entry

We offer wireless systems for times when wires just aren’t an option. With some of our wireless door access systems ranging up to 100 metres in connectivity, the distance between your business’ front door and reception shouldn’t be a problem.


Other options:

  • Entry Access with gates
  • Entry Access with keypads
  • Entry Access with barriers